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Ryuji Sakaguchi, Managing Director of SHOWA DENKO HD MALAYSIA (SHDM) Sdn Bhd.

I joined SHDM factory from April 2019. I'm enjoying working every day with employee while feeling kind and genial people in Kedah, Malaysia. I like Kedah Laksa very much.

About Our Industry HDD and Aluminum substrate

SHDM is a manufacturer that produces the storage media substrate of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which is indispensable to the storage industry. We provide aluminum substrates that can achieve the industry's highest recording capacity by combining the world's highest level of polishing technology integrated the chemical technology of plating. HDD is mainly responsible for data storage in the CLOUD environment used by DATA CENTER by GAFA and surveillance cameras and so on. Once the IoT and 5G environments are ready, more HDD will be needed in the world.

Our Company Policy

We, SHDM, sometimes do business very hard. The demands of the IT industry are tough. We are working hard to meet the customer's requirements. This is one of our motivation. But the most important thing is that our employees enjoy a fulfilling company life. SHDM have a monthly recreation to deepen our friendship. An event and party are also held at the employee cafeteria.

Welcome to SHDM !!

SHDM factory plays a dominant part in the IT industry, and SHDM wants to do further development in the great future. Welcome to SHDM and thank you for your continuous and warmest support all the time.

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Company Profile

Company Name : SHOWA DENKO HD (M) Sdn.Bhd.

Managing Director : Mr. Sakaguchi Ryuji

Landscape : 66,000 m2

Products : Aluminum Substrates for Hard Disk

Founded : October 1997

Start Production : February 1999

Employees : 399 people (May/2013)

Location : Lot 1944 , Industrial Zone , Phase II , Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim , Kedah , Malaysia. Tel : 604 – 401 5200 Fax : 604 – 403 1722




1984 : Started R & D (Japan)

1989 : Launched Commercial production (Japan)

1997 : Established a New plant in Malaysia

1999 : Malaysia factory started production

2001 : ISO 9002 certified

2002 : ISO 14001 certified

2003 : Showa Denko HD Group integrated ISO 9001:2000 certified

2006 : Capacity Improvement (P-sub , G-sub)

2008 : Qualified and started PMR production

2010 : BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified


Business Plan



Demand for HD media in total is expected to increase steadily due to gradual increase in demand for near-line servers for data centers, though demand for mobile PCs is gradually decreasing. While storage density of HD media continues to increase 20% a year, we expect that HD media featuring next-generation technology will be launched in or after 2018. Showa Denko Group has been producing HD media with top-level quality and performance by developing leading-edge technology ahead of other HD media manufacturers. Showa Denko Group will further improve quality and performance of our 3.5-inch HD media, the demand for which is expected to increase due to expansion in use in servers for data centers, and establish flexible production system to meet changes in demand.





Company number one supplier the Substrate Hard Disk.



The SHDM will make satisfactory of customer as:

~ World class quality products that fulfill customer requirements though

  continuous quality improvements activities.

~ Comprehensive product support in the from of advice and information.
~ Prompt responses to customer queries though good communication.








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